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23-11-2007, 10:12
Hello bulgarian alfisti.
I have start this tread to change opinions with those of you that own an Alfa Romeo GTV V6 Turbo. I hope that i will find some others with this kind of Alfa because in romania are only 4 V6 turbo. I will post some pictures also in the near future with my car and with the mods that i made. Feel free to start a similar topic in romanian alfa forum at www.alfaclub.ro (http://www.alfaclub.ro)


23-11-2007, 21:04
Hello !!!

Grigor hes 2 Alfa Romeo 164 V6 Turbo. Send PM to Grigor :roll:

23-11-2007, 21:15
Over here we have 1 GTV v6 turbo facelifted, two 164 with that type of engine....one of them has a spare 164 2.0 v6 for parts.


Tell us what you need to know and I will try helping you with it...


23-11-2007, 23:25
I don`t need parts or other stuff. I just try to find some others with this kind of engine to change opinions about performance tuning or about maintaining this engine. I will put some pictures with my car and with the mods that i made and i hope to find some bulgarian alfisti that are experienced in this engine or with GTV 916. Here you have a link with me racing on a track at Alfa Fest 2007 Romania. Unfortunly at that moment my GTV was not in the best shape. But still... best time on the track put me on the top of the other Alfas. :)


Petko, i`m glad that you post on our forum. I will came at your event from spring. Also i will try to find some others for a track day in Greece Seres.

24-11-2007, 12:38
I was'nt there, neither was my car so yeah Alfa33 was in front of everyone on that day :D

25-11-2007, 00:15
Hi Razvan ! You are welcome here.
Did you notice that we have similar event that take place every summer in BG too.
I mean The Italfest.

Nice car by the way.

25-11-2007, 16:23
Yep, i know from Petko and Svetlo about Italfest. I am the one who start the Alfa Fest in Romania two years ago. In 2008 i hope that we will have some bulgarian alfisti also at our event. In 2007 we have about 10 Alfa from Alfa Amore Hungary. More than shure i will cam at Italfest in 2008 with the GTV. In this moment i have some problems with the registration in romania. For more than 1 year i have the italian number plates because of the registration tax in romania that is 4000 euro for my car. I hope that in January 2008 this tax will get down and then to register my GTV in romania.

I have seen all the pictures from Italfest 2007 and was a really great event. In 2006 your event was exactly in the time when i was going in italy to buy the GTV.

I am thinking perhaps to make a larger event, organised by Club Alfa Romeo Bulgaria and Alfa Club Romania, something similar with Alfa Fest or Ital Fest but with Alfisti from both countrys. Someware in a cyty near the border, in Romania or Bulgaria. I will speek with Petko to see if we can arrange something for the summer :)

25-11-2007, 23:17
About our next meeting, that was what I was thinking as well. The city of Varna is a really nice place and we have some experience with meetings there. Another one is Ruse...about 60km (if I remember correctly) from your capitol.

Around when are you planing to organize your next AlfaFest???

We will have another national meeting sometime in May, not like the italfest...but still we will gather together to see each other and to have some quality time.

26-11-2007, 12:54
Usualy our Alfa Fest is at the end of April and start of May. It will be a perfect timing to make an AlfaFest in Bulgaria with both clubs. We can consider this a starting point to prepare all the staff. Please give me an e-mail on razvan.patrascu@firestarter.ro and i will send you send you the brochure from Alfa Fest 2007 in english. There you can see what we can do and will start organize the event in May. If we doo this i will came in Bulgaria to see what we need and put things together.