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Thread: Potential hacking of clubalfaromeo[.]com

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    Exclamation Potential hacking of clubalfaromeo[.]com


    Please be advised that clubalfaromeo[.]com has potentially been hacked:

    Below please find applicable data potentially indicating that clubalfaromeo[.]com was compromised.


    *** Please change [.] to . in the URL above.

    Please take all necessary steps to remove this link from website.

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    Колеги, очевидно потребителят sadassad е бот. Предлагам на Ръководството на Клуба да бъде закупен SSL сертификат, който да се инсталира на уеб-сайта на Форума така, че връзката да бъде защитена, а Форумът да се достъпва по https, а не по http. В момента връзката с Форума не е защитена и всеки средно грамотен хакер може да снифне трафика към сайта и да се сдобие с паролите на потребителите.
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    First of all, let me assure you, that I am not a spam-bot and certainly not a hacker. I simply was sent a link with a phishing page, which is located on your web-site.

    Assuming that your site was not created for such purposes, I figured, that it probably was hacked. So, I decided to send you a message about this incident, and was pretty surprised finding a topic on your forum about the very same link.

    Of course you may think, that I am trying to lure you into some trap, and surely you have no reason to trust me. But if you look at the URL, you will see, that the page is located on a subdomain of your web-site. I think it won't be difficult for administration of this resource to check one folder, find a suspisious file, which wasn't put there by them, and hopefully remove it.

    Please, do not ignore my message, I am simply trying to do a good thing and make the Internet a bit safer.

    Thank you for attention.

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    Прав е човека, дано някой реагира идните няколко месеца.
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    Някой нещо да реагира?

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    acho_ е прав но явно админи във форума няма.
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